Merry Christmas 2015

We only made one bath of cookies this year and they were not very holiday-like. We had a fun time decorating them nonetheless.


I made my gingerbread house on my own. I wanted to eat more of the royal icing then i used to glue the house together.


I think it came out awesome!

IMG_4670 IMG_4671

Santa came, the elves left and we were left with a little pile of gifts to go round. The elves left us some butt photos and other randomness they took on the copy machine. Silly elves.


We were up early but not to eager to start.


Hugging E for my awesome Lego set he bought me!


I got a few Lego sets, lots of games and a Sphere SPRK (robotic ball toy).


We spent a quiet day building Legos, spending time with Grandma Susie adjust relaxing.


We have made lots of playground trips. We got a new basketball and I made 4 shots in a row!


Even Grandma Susie played for a while!


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