Busy Times Never End- But Fun is Being Had by All

We have been busy painting, crafting, playing and being generally non-school-ish.

The back patio has become an art studio lately. We are busy working on holiday gifts.

IMG_4455 IMG_4459

I am enjoying time out with Mom for errands and leaving E with Dad at home.

We were looking for Santa hats and I liked this one but thought it was too hot. (Don’t worry it was fresh from a box, so no lice!).


We saw two santa plays in two weeks. This time was at the Largo Cultural Center for a musical play about holiday traditions around the world.


The elves have been up to no good again. I was upset they ruined three good rolls of toilet paper.


We were invited to participate in the holiday parade in Safety Harbor with the Clearwater  Threshers.


We had a great time decorating the golf cart and tossing candy to kids on the parade route.


Mom stayed at the end of the route to pick us up when he parade was over.

IMG_4504 IMG_4518

We also went to the Suncoast Brotherhood Motorcycle Run for Toys for Tots this weekend. It is loud! But there are so many motorcycles all decorated. We guessed there were between 3000-4000 this year! The parade lasts a long time.


Mom is driving me NUTS with puzzles. We have to solve the puzzles to earn our iPad time each day. This week has been word scrambles.


I sit and think and guess and rearrange letters. I am getting faster so Mom keeps making the words harder.


I finally figured out one that stumped me for a long time! YAY!


Star Wars is consuming the house. Everything is Star Wars. Mom just has to sit back and shake her head as we engage in epic lightsaber battles.


And ribbon dancing?


Even the elves are into it!


We had a great time playing with the dry ice from a package we got in the mail.


Christmas is just around the corner. We all need a day off!

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