Dali Museum Field-Trip


The Dali museum in St. Petersburg has always been on our to do list. This year they offered a homeschool day. It was completely free, if you signed up in advance, for the kids and one chaperone. What a savings!  We arrived early, at least 30 minutes before they opened, and walked the grounds. The windows were very neat to see and I loved the design.


We walked across the street and checked out Albert Whitted Park. The marine was calm and cool. We are really loving our few days of fall.


Up next was the Dali gardens. I thought the giant mustache was hilarious.


We searched for a while but I finally found the mustached bird. I had read about it in a book. I was thinking it would be bigger!


The melting bench was cool as well. I told Mom that I think Dali was NUTS!



We enjoyed the garden maze and the wish trees.



They provided us with free Dali chinch bags and audio headphone tours. We listened to all the kid (mustache) talks and most of the adult (headphone) talks. I was amazed how small some of the works were and how GIANT others were.


There was a giant orb on the wall that asked you to interact with it using a camera. My first show was straight on.


They we worked with some angles.


Finally I think we found the perfect way to interact with the art.


There was also a traveling MC Escher exhibit. I really liked his works. I liked the animals and nature and the patterns. My favorite was the staircases. It reminded me of Harry Potter.

Up last was the hands on room, just for us homeschoolers today! We worked on tessellations. I picked a lizard and stuck with the entire project.


Then I colored two pictures.


We ran into friends and I was more into the art them chatting, which Mom found odd. I was really in my zone. I was feeling creative today. We also found a hidden hands on room and played around for a while with the toys.


What a fantastic day! Mom is alas happy to find FREE homeschool educational activities.

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