Ocala Outdoor Adventure Camp 2015- Anglers


I had a BLAST at OAC this year! I was on the Anglers path and spent my week learning about fishing techniques and having a great time. The last day of camp is always the MUD HIKE. Last year I chickened out but this year I DID IT! They said my hair needed pulled up and a few teen girls helped do that for me. I didn’t really like the mud hike but i got through it with a smile on my face. I told Mom I itched so badly when the mud started to dry.

WK 4 Mud Hike 023 WK 4 Mud Hike 022

We did seine netting in the river one day. I made lots of new friends and even came home with a few phone numbers and email to keep in touch with new friends.

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I had a great time and the stories are still coming. I have talked non-stop since I was picked up at camp. I sang all the new camp songs to Mom  and Emmerson. I told “fishing stories” about the one that got away. I was teased a bit at camp but this year for not catching fish. Finally I caught a fish on the last day of camp!

I can’t wait to come back next year. I think this is my favorite camp!

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