Sailing Fun

Today we went to FunSail at the Clearwater Sailing Center. It is a great deal for a day on the water learning and trying new things. We got there early and had to…wait! UGH!


We got our safety briefing and then we were off to the water. My friend, Zoe, joined us for the day and we went out on the pontoon boat a few times. We worked with the kayaks and the stand-up-paddleboards (SUP).


I am really getting old at balancing on the SUP.


Off I go in the intercostal. Not too far!

IMG_1015 IMG_1021


We had a great day. I was so happy to see my friend, it has been a long time since she moved away. Normally I don’t enjoy the sailing stuff too much but having a friend to share it with made it fun!


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