4H Camp Ocala 2015


This was my second year attending Camp Ocala. Sadly, the camp is closing after this year and the 4H camp for our county will be moved to Camp Cloverleaf in Sebring.

We had to catch the bus early early and right before a massive storm hit. I had LOTS of friends going to camp this year so I was super excited.


I was SO happy to have my pal, Lex, join in this year!


We sat next to each other on the bus and had beds next to each other in the big nice cabin!


We were a bit goofy before camp.



There are no after camp photos because I was not interested in pictures. I had a great time at camp. I had four classes: Aquatic World, Quidditch, Archery and Mad Science. I loved all the classes. I made several new friends, I tried new things. I sang camp songs (I would love to sing them to anyone who will listen). I managed to bring home all of the things I took to camp, except one sock and my water bottle (that went missing on day 2).

I lost my toothbrush on day 3 but Mom found it in my shoe when we unpacked. I only had one tick on me! I was covered in ant bites but I wasn’t complaining. I asked two girls (sisters) to the dance and then apparently blew them off to hang with my guy friends after a few dances. I wasn’t teased this year, except for asking a girl out. I showered a few times. I couldn’t find my underwear until the last day so I wore my dry swimming suit under my shorts all the time, including jeans. My hair was knot free, mostly! My shoes didn’t smell TOO bad, but Mom washed them anyway.

My shirt has signatures all over it this year! Last year it had THREE! I am excited to go back to 4H camp next year with even more friends. What a great time!

I have two more camps coming up in July, 4H Marine Camp and FWC Fishing Camp. I am excited for both but won’t know anyone at camp so I am a bit nervous but I will be okay.



Disney Fun

We recently renewed our Disney passes for the year. We have made a few trips to the water parks so far. I went on Crushing-Gusher, Humunga Cowabunga and Summit Plummet. These are all the biggest slides at the parks. I was so proud of myself. Only one gave me a wedgie!


We also took a short weekend getaway and enjoyed EPCOT and then Magic Kingdom. I had a fondue platter for dessert one night and the strawberries were as big as my head, not really but pretty close!

IMG_1115 IMG_1123

I have missed the castle!


I finally rode Space Mountain and LOVED it! I have now conquered all three of the mountains. We were in line for the new 7 Dwarves Mine Train but the ride broke down and they said it would be about a two hours wait. We opted to pass for this visit.


Yard Work-UGH!


Mom said we needed to spend the morning weeding and mulching the front yard. I convincer her to let us get some new butterfly plants from the store. So we added those to the list and spent 6 hour hours outside working.


The yard came out great and it started raining just as we wrapped up. That saved us from having to water all the plants we just put in.

IMG_1101 IMG_1103 IMG_1104

Junior Entomologist

This coming year for 4H I have picked an entomology book. I am getting a head start on the book because it is a long one. I had to make a killing jar for collecting bugs. I found several bugs in the yard and added them to the jar.


Once they die, you relax them and then dry and mount them on styrofoam.



I also got to build a few different bug traps but haven’t caught anything just yet. I am eager to work more in my new book soon.


Young Eagles Flying

Today was Young Eagles Day at the Clearwater Airpark. Mom dragged me out of bed really early but I was glad because the lines were crazy this time and we were 1st in line. I got to fly with Bruce again. His nickname is Cowboy! I really feel comfy with him.


Not to mention, I love his plane!

IMG_1049 IMG_1052 IMG_1060

Up up and away! See you in 20-25minutes!


Another successful flight and even flew alone for about 2/3 of the flight again!


We went out to eat with Grandma and Grandpa for dinner as they were passing though town. We had fried bananas with chocolate sauce for dessert. I sucked the chocolate up with a straw! GO ME!