Disney Fun

We recently renewed our Disney passes for the year. We have made a few trips to the water parks so far. I went on Crushing-Gusher, Humunga Cowabunga and Summit Plummet. These are all the biggest slides at the parks. I was so proud of myself. Only one gave me a wedgie!


We also took a short weekend getaway and enjoyed EPCOT and then Magic Kingdom. I had a fondue platter for dessert one night and the strawberries were as big as my head, not really but pretty close!

IMG_1115 IMG_1123

I have missed the castle!


I finally rode Space Mountain and LOVED it! I have now conquered all three of the mountains. We were in line for the new 7 Dwarves Mine Train but the ride broke down and they said it would be about a two hours wait. We opted to pass for this visit.


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