Last Day in California with Uncle Matt

We were due for snow again but it never really stuck. We got up in the morning and headed back over to Matt’s house. Our first task was to take apart our fort. We had dragged a bunch of branches down for the fort.


We took turns with the saw and the huge clippers. We got everything taken apart and loaded into Matt’s truck. I went with Matt to the dump to drop off all the yard waste.


Next on the list was cleaning some of the rocks we got at the gem mine quarry. Matt has a really cool machine that uses crushed walnut shells and air to blow off the dirt on the rocks.



We got a lesson on how it works and then he turned us loose to clean some of the rocks we picked.


I worked very carefully to clean my rock.

IMG_0403 IMG_0418

Then we headed to the summit again to see if we could find some snow. We found a little but and immediately started a snowball fight.


Some iPad time and snuggles with Uncle Matt and then we headed back to the campground to pack up and get ready for Dad’s late night arrival.



Our voyage goes eastward now…

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