Truckee Visit with Grandpa John

We visited the Donner Museum today. The exhibit hall was closed due to a remodel but we watched the video and learned all about the Donner Family. Apparently through Mom’s side of the family there are distant relations to the Donners. We also learned that one of the families that survived were the “Reed” Family. I wonder if I have immigrant trail blood on both sides of my family?


We hiked a short trail around the woods and across Donner Creek. I climbed every rock I could find to get up.


E and I found little tiny fish in the cold river.


Which lead to me wanting to cross the river via the giant rocks.

IMG_0167 IMG_0168

I made it safely across.


Check Emmerson’s blog to see how he did!


I went with Uncle Matt back to his house while Mom and Grandpa John went to visit the camper. I worked more of a structure I started in the morning.I have been hauling all the branches that have fallen in the side yards down to my fort area. I even fashioned a flag out of a branch and some twine!  It is now the Donner’s winter shelter. I am hoping it snows tonight so I can see how well it works!


We had a nice time with Grandpa. We haven’t seen him in about 6 years.


The drive back to the camper from Uncle Matt’s was very pretty. The sun was peaking through the rain clouds and the snow on the mountain peaks was glowing white.



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