Young Eagles Flight- Clearwater EAA 288


Today Mom took me to the Young Eagles flight day at Clearwater Airpark EAA 288. The pilot, Bruce, that I have flown with several times before was out sick. Mom eyeballed the list and found Peter, who also flies a RV series airplane. Peter has a RV6 that took him 5 years to build.

We got a tour of his plane and then we had to wait for the flights to be called.


My buddy, Lex, flew with Peter first and then it was my turn. He was a very popular pilot and I learned why. He was super kind and really listened and engaged with me. I told him I flew before a few times with Bruce and he must have felt confidence in me.


We got a pilots safety check and then loaded up.


We went over some instruments and controls. The RV6 is a side by side two seater so I was really in on the action.


Off we go, getting ready to taxi down the runway. The wind shifted just as we were rolling out so we had to turn around and go the other direction.


Here is a video of us taking off!

Taking off- Video!







We were gone 24 minutes, according to Mom! Our flight plan took us up along US 19 to New Port Richey, turning left and heading towards the coast, turning left again and down along the coast and over Honeymoon Island and then back to the airpark.



When I got back I was grinning ear to ear. Mom asked why and I told her I flew 3/4 of the trip! Peter let me take over once we got to altitude. I flew up until approach! WOW!

I was tempted to fly up into the clouds but I didn’t dare.

Every time I fly Mom says I look older when I land!IMG_9241



Me and Mr. Peter, aka Pilot Pete! He was an AWESOME instructor.

After our debrief he gave me a special flight map. It is outdated but really cool to look at. I can post out my flight path and the nearby airports.


Young Eagles is always so amazing!




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