Sea World Field Trip


We booked a homeschooler field trip to Sea World for this week. We went over the night before because we have been having a hard time getting up at 7am let alone even earlier to make it on time.

We watched an educational show on animal adaptations.


I was picked to me a team leader for a “food chain” game.




After the short program we had run of the park. We loved the Dolphin Nursery. They were very interactive and it was nice to see the mamas with the babies and not separated.

IMG_9001 IMG_9002

I loved all of the aquariums and tanks. This one was very neat that you could pop up inside and get a 360 degree view.


The dolphin show also had pilot whales. I had never need a living pilot whale before, just photos!


We had a quick lunch and then explored more.

IMG_9041 IMG_9042 IMG_9045

I loved the penguin exhibit but was very cold. I borrowed a shirt from one of our friend’ mom to stay warmer.

IMG_9071 IMG_9085

We got to feed the seals!


The shark tanks were very neat.



We also saw the orca show but sat in the splash zone so Mom had no camera out to take photos. Good thing too, we got SOAKED!

On the way out of the stadium I tripped and hurt my arm. Just a bad bruise. This is a photo taken a few days later (updated to blog).


What an awesome trip. I am so glad we have waiting to go to SeaWorld. We did the entire park (except a few rides). We were there for 10.5 hours and walked over 8 miles. We were all exhausted. I fell asleep on the way home.


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