Myakka River State Park

Today we drive to Sarasota and visited Myakka River State Park. It was HUGE!

We waited for the air boat tour and really enjoyed our trip.

I got the front seat with Daddy.

We saw lots of wading birds, vultures, alligators and more.

We took a hike on the Canopy Trail and found the towers.

You go up one tower, across a suspension bridge and then to the other tower. the second tower is over 70ft and well above the canopy.

You can see the bridge below.

View from the top!

Up next was a car drive, lunch and a hike in the birding trail.

We saw more birds and lots of invasive water hyacinth.

I also found a jumping spider.

We stopped at the visitors center on the way out and read the memorial plaque.

We had a great day!

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