Harvest Moon Corn Maze

We started out today going looking for garage sales but had no luck so opted for a trip to a corn maze. We were r route to one and saw a different that looked fun. We ended up at Harvest Moon Corn Maze.

My “the sun in in my eyes” photo.

There were three corn mazes. We started with the Square Pumpkin.

The next maze was the hardest. The had a maze game to play as you went through. You could punch your board to earn fake farm money. We got hooked on finding the signs and walked the maze twice. If was fun! I did get a bit burnt out because I was getting hot.

There were funny signs throughout the maze.

We found the lookout tower.

We got worn out!

After a water refresh we jumped for a while on the inflatable pillow.

We stopped at the pumpkin patch for a photo.

On the way home we stopped at Rural King to wander around. I loved the baby chickens!

We walked a lot and had a blast!