someplace in the last two weeks I picked up lice. what a fun experience. Mom happened to look over during school and saw one on my head. This led to panic mood. Which resulted in a entire house cleaning, tons of laundry, treated heads (everyone!) and now daily combing and checkings. Dad even put one of the nits under a microscope. How cool! I am grossed out by it all and trying t be a good sport. Several friends had it too. Homeschoolers are not immune.

Mt. Laundry has now been completed!

This was FUN… NOT!

Myakka River State Park

Today we drive to Sarasota and visited Myakka River State Park. It was HUGE!

We waited for the air boat tour and really enjoyed our trip.

I got the front seat with Daddy.

We saw lots of wading birds, vultures, alligators and more.

We took a hike on the Canopy Trail and found the towers.

You go up one tower, across a suspension bridge and then to the other tower. the second tower is over 70ft and well above the canopy.

You can see the bridge below.

View from the top!

Up next was a car drive, lunch and a hike in the birding trail.

We saw more birds and lots of invasive water hyacinth.

I also found a jumping spider.

We stopped at the visitors center on the way out and read the memorial plaque.

We had a great day!

Young Eagles Flight

Today was Young Eagles at Clearwater Airpark #282. I was excited to fly again and was able to request Bruce from last time! I had fun checking out the different planes.

After a quick briefing I was off to my plane and heading up!

Bruce is great with kids and really had me calm and laughing.

This time I took the controls and even flew in a turn! Bruce said I had great smooth stick control.

Safely in the ground!

We got a tour of the EAA hanger and their club plane they are currently building. It was neat the learn about how it all goes together and how some people made the design and others work of specific parts.

What a great time I had! Check it out if you are near a small airport anywhere in the UsA. The program is called Young Eagles.

Busy Day of Shells, Washing and Games

We had a fun trip Honeymoon Island to go shelling

We hiked over 2 miles up and down the beach and gathered lots of beautiful shells!

Mom found a perfect baby sand dollar.

Grandma Susie pointed out neat shells. We found jingles, cockles, mussels, oysters, coquina, angel wings and much more!

After the island we stopped to play laundry catchup. Daddy fixed the machine but mom said she’d be doing laundry all weekend if we didn’t knock it out quickly. E and I pretended we had widescreen TVs this time!

We spent the evening at Celebration Station for a free family fun night. I loved the go karts, bumper boats and silly rides.

Many of my close friends came too so we had fun doing the rides with them.

We even played a round of putt putt.