ICKY After Camp

As mom was wheeling my bags up to the hotel she asked if I packed a ton of rocks because the bags were ridiculously heavy.

Apparently the answer was YES! When Mom unzipped the bags she nearly fainted. The smell was HORRID! And there were rocks in every available space!


This pile was deemed the get rid of pile. It was too gross to even try to wash, plus it was all a little small on me.


Digging through the bags was an adventure.


The throw away pile got bigger and bigger. All my shoes went in the trash pile and we headed out after our cleanup to buy me a new pair.


SOME of the rocks. This big weights about 20 lbs!


Trash cans full of random crap I picked up in the two weeks.


Laundry to clean!



We swam for two hours while mom worked on laundry. Between loads she would attack my hair in the pool with a brush hoping to start to break the knots apart. Finally she gave up and used a half a bottle of conditioner and just combed and brushed for an hour. All the knots are OUT!


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