Rube Goldberg Madness

I have always enjoyed making Rube Goldberg machines. Today Mr. McWiz wanted to build them! I was excited. First we did a little science learning. We found the speed (Speed equals distance divided by time) of several different cars. Once we found the fastest car we found out how many Newtons of force the car could pull. We added a weight to the car to increase the Newtons. After all the math and writing we build a contraption using the car.


The car goes down the ramp. When the attached string gets tight a ping pong ball flips out of a container and rolls down a ramp triggering a row on dominos. The dominos fall on a mousetrap which springs and causes another ping pong ball to fly up and hit a plastic bowl. The plastic bowl shifts knocking over another row of donimos. The last domino hits a pink ball that rolls off the table and down to the floor hitting a yellow shovel and launching another ping pong ball!


IT WORKED!!! Science is awesome!

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