8 Year Well Check

Well, it is official.. I am STILL tall! I am 97% for weight (86lbs) and 98% for height (almost 55″).

The doctor went through a questionnaire to check “development”. There were all sorts of silly questions:

They were really silly in my book.

DR: Can you tell time?

ME: ummm. Not without a clock! *staring at dr like she had two heads*

DR: Can you tie your shoes?

ME: I can tie great knots and tie my shoes together so well my Mom has a hard time undoing them. *stated VERY proudly* (he can’t tie his shoes properly yet)

DR: Are you riding a bike?

ME: Not at the moment. I am inside!

Mom hid her face and tried so hard to keep from laughing, as did the doctor. The doctor looked at mom and said “You sure have your hands full, huh?”

I passed all the tests and development questions. I was a bit agitated because it was keeping me from reading Harry Potter on my iPad.

Mom said I have come such a far way at doctor visits. I laughed and giggled when touched versus screamed and cried and kicked and scratched.

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