Grandfather Mountain Linville, NC

We were up early despite staying up so late! I was dino dancing while Grandma and Grandmpa got cleaned up.

We drove out to Grandfather Mountian, about 2 hours away. I got a little car sick but never threw up. After a quick lunch we went out to see the animals. I loved the bears, otters, deer, and other things we found. We saw chipmunks, insects galore, 2 snakes and more bugs!

We did the Jr. Ranger activity and earner our Grandfather Mountain badges.

I clmbed everywhere that Mommy didn’t stop me!

Even under a 4000 ton, thats 8,000,000 pounds, boulder.

We turned into bears!

I learned the trees grow funny at the top. The winds must be dominating from one direction. The trees don’t grow tall. It looks like a bonsai villiage!

Checking out the vistas!

Enjoying my Grandma Jo time.

At the 1 mile high mark on the swinging suspension bridge.

I made it across!

WHAT a view!

Grandma Jo made it to the top. I ran and kept getting yelled at by Mom to slow down. I screamed back that I was an expert rock runner just as I tripped and fell. I slowed down then.

After the mountain we panned for gems in Linville.

Even Grandpa Howie helped out. He was in charge of the shovel.

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