Verticle Ventures

Today we went to a neat place called Vertical Ventures in Tampa. It was a giant indoor rock climbing place. I had to wear a harness and special climbing shoes. After I took a class I was off and climbing. I started with some bouldering on the low rock.


I made it up and down without help. There were kids older than me that needed parental help!


I even helped Emmer get up the wall.


I climbed a few times with the harness but was a bit nervous. Then Mommy hooked me to a clip further out from the wall. When I got to the highest point I was comfortable climbing I am supposed to let Mommy know, as she was belaying (holding the ropes) for me. When I gave her the sign and pushed off i swung away from the wall. It was AWESOME! There is no way I would have done it if I knew what was going to happen in advance. I LOVED feeling like I was flying!!! I climbed and pushed off several more times and giggled the entire time!


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