Meet me in St. Louis

We stayed the night near Nashville, TN and I was up bright and early the next morning. Emmerson slept in until 7 and I was up at 5am. I got to watch TV for a bit before he even stirred.


Then we were off for a 5 hour drive into St. Louis. We saw the Gateway Geyser shooting off. That was interesting. We drove down along the Mississippi River to take a riverboat cruise on the Tom Sawyer. We parked on the levy and it was very uneven and steep.


We had a nice view from the top of the boat but it was very windy.



I learned that 11 planes and 1 helicopter have flown through the arch. One skydiver landed on top of the arch with his parachute but he lost his footing and slipped to his death. Another man used suction cups to climb the south tower and then parachuted off. When he hit the ground he was arrested and jailed for six months! Cool, huh?


This is a cool statue of Lewis, Clark and their dog Seaman.


This building was built for the Worlds Fair in 1904 (??).


The mighty Mississippi River is carrying us along.



We also visited the Westward Expansion Museum where we earned our Jr. Ranger Badges.


I talked with Merriwether Lewis.


We played with some toys kids had on the Oregon Trail.


I still want to see a real live buffalo but this will do for today.


The entire back wall of the museum was dedicated to Lewis and Clark. I talked to Mommy and Emmerson for an hour about everything I learned. One man complimented me and asked how I got so stinking smart. I said my Mommy and my gifted teacher!


Time to wait in line for the tram to the top! More later.


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