Publix Food Satefy Tour for Lego Team

We had a fun field-trip to Publix today to learn about food safety in the grocery store. We had to wear silly hairnets to keep hair out of food in the prep area.


Publix tour for Homeschool Lego Leopards! :)

We toured the store room and the deep freezer. They locked us in the freezer for a few minutes. It was COLD!


We also saw them use the cardboard bailer.


After we learned all about safety in the produce, meat, deli and other areas we got to try our hands at running a cash register.


What a super fun field trip. Special thanks to the staff at the Becket Lake Publix in Clearwater.


Animal Kingdom Lodge Family Get-Away

We took a last minute trip to Disney this weekend. We stayed at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. We participated in as many educational activities as possible. We made enrichment feeders for the giraffes.



We tried to find all the animals on the savanah from the balcony of our room.

The view from our room on out much needed family escape time.


We played Bio Blocks. We learned all about the eco-system and what it needed to support itself.


We did take one trip away from the hotel and over to EPCOT for an afternoon. I was silly as usual.


I got my required photo with Marie.



We got coon skin caps in Canada. After reading “Where the Red Fern Grows” with Mom and Dad last week, I have wanted to be a coon hunter.

My two little coon hunters.

Afeter we checked out of the hotel we went to Downtown Disney for brunch at the House of Blues.


I liked the food but the music ass too loud. Mommy gave me earplugs and I curled up in her lap and was asleep in five minutes. Mommy and Daddy took that as a sign to leave. So we did. It was fun but just crazy loud.


I think we all enjoyed our little get away.

Great Explorations Fun

We went to a art class at Great explorations. I had a great time playing around in the museum before and after the class.


I built this neat robot that could actually walk and move it’s head.


They now have a touch tunnel that you can go through in complete darkness. I wanted to try with a mini flashlight first but afterwards I was fine with crawling though on my hands and knees. I bonked my head hard but still had fun.

Legoland Round TWO

We went back to another field trip at Legoland. The weather was fantastic. I loved doing all the rides again. I am not scared of any of them now. Even the coasters I will do alone!


I still like the silly rides.

B loving Legoland

I finally got on the dinosaur coaster. IT was fantastic!


We had some extra time and took a wander over to the old Cypress Gardens. I fell in love with this banyan tree.



Having such a grand time.


Being silly before the water ski show.


I thought it was hilarious to see lego people on water skis!


Hanging out with some of my other homeschool friends.


I had such a great time again.

Cleaning UP the Mangroves

Today we joined the rest of my 4H Brooker Creek Explorers at Wall Springs Park for some park cleanup. We cleaned for two hours and had a great time. I found all sorts of cool junk. Things wash up in storms and get caught int he mangroves when the tide goes out.


We collected 8 huge bags of trash in two hours.


Black mangroves raising their fingers to say thank you for cleaning us up!