Christmas in Asheville

We had a great Christmas but Mommy didn’t take a lot of photos. We hiked around the lake at Grandma and Grandpa’s house. We found a box floating in the lake and it gave us a few hours of entertainment. Daddy cracked it open and it was full of someones personal documents. We called the police and they came to pick it up. Turned out the guys house was robbed a few weeks earlier.


Aunt Jole attacked Grandpa Howie with whip cream and a dog. IT was rather funny.


I read a few books to Uncle Bronson and Cousin Micky. I really liked meeting cousins again after a few years.


We had a lovely time up at the hole with a campfire. It was super chilly but the fire was warm.




What a great way to spend a holiday.


Santa came and brought all sorts of fun things to play with for all of us. Grandma gave me these funny reindeer ears and nose.


We had a great holiday. Thanks everyone for the awesome gifts.


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