O Christmas Tree

We got rid of our tree after Chirstmas last year because it was getting old. We bought a new “Made in America” tree this year. It is only 4.5 feet tall but that is perfect for our house. We had a lot of fun decorating it with mostly our homemade ornaments.




E and I were getting along great as always!


Mom is loving my missing tooth smile.


So cute!



Mommy kept her promise to let us play outside in the rain the next time there was rain with no lightning and thunder. It was a tad chilly but we didn’t seem to mind.

Mom did all sorts of fun experiments with us. I learned about water and air pressure and then chased Mom around with a surgical glove full of water. She didn’t think that was all that funny.


We launched leaves and sticks down the gutter. We tried to find things that would float. Then i discovered I could put my hand in the surgical gloves and fill them with water. It made me look like I have GIANT hands. Goof!


Family Day

We walked to the mall today to see what all the Black Friday deals were like. We bought nothing and left happy. We walked over to Chopstix and had a nice buffet lunch. I helped myself to pudding at the end. After all, I AM toothless on the bottom!


After we walked home we went out to a new place called Gatti Town in Clearwater. It was super fun. They had a buffet of pizza, pasta and salads. I could have all the soda I wanted. We each had $10 to spend on games and it went rather fast but we had a blast. I LOVE LOVE LOVED the crazy spinning bumper cars.

I rode the merry-go-round on Emmerson’s dime (well $.75)!! We watched tv on some massively large screens while we snacked on a few dessert pizza slices. We got cotton candy from a machine that actually makes it fresh. It was so warm and good.

Overall, pricey but fun!


When we got home and cleaned up we opened out new cardboard playhouses. We plan to spend the weekend coloring and decorating them.