Tooth Troubles

Mommy was brushing my teeth this morning and noticed a new visitor in my mouth. I am almost 6 and a half and have not lost a tooth yet. I don’t even have any loose ones. They are slightly moving but nothing major. Well, the visitor popped out behind my baby teeth.



Mommy called the dentist and off we went to have it checked out. I was excited to show off my new tooth.


Here is my x-ray. The teeth are coming up but the baby teeth roots never dissolved like they were supposed to so the tooth back up behind. It is called “shark tooth”.


After the exam and a consult with the doctor, we opted to have the baby teeth removed so the teeth could move to where they are supposed to be. I may need braces down the road but since this was c aught early, hopefully it will allow the teeth to migrate on their own. Next, they took me to a surgery room and I got to pick what flavor air I wanted to smell when they worked on my teeth. I was upset because the grey nose was blocking my view of the TV! I picked cotton candy and then wanted to smell all the others as well so I had the assistant keep changing my flavors!


They put on numbing gel and then the dentist came in and gave me a few shots in the gums.


Ready to go. It only took about 5 min to prep me.


It took about 30 seconds to get the teeth out. The other adult tooth is just about to come in as well so they pulled both teeth. I may have to have more pulled but the dentist is hopeful that the next two will be okay. Apparently this is more common with kids who loose their teeth late? Since I was over a year when I got my first one I guess I am really late to loose them.


I get to eat ice cream and milkshakes (no straws though) all afternoon.


I don;t want to leave the teeth out for the tooth fairy because I want to keep them. Mommy and Daddy said I could write her a letter and let her know my desire to keep my baby teeth.

So please feel free to ask me if “All i want for Christmas is my two from teeth”.

Toys for Pets

I am doing a service project for the North Pinellas Humane Society. I am trying o make and/or collect 1000 cat/dog toys before December 14. I wanted to spend a day working at the shelter but you have to be 16 to do that. I had to learn how to use Mommy’s sewing machine. I had a bit of help but made the first three stitches on almost all of the toys I have made so far.


I stuffed them with crinkle wrap, catnip and polly-fill. Then Mommy helped seal them up.


So far I have made 100 and collected several more. If you would like to help out, please contact Mom or Dad!


So proud of me! Those kitties are going to have a Merry Chirstmas too!


Festival of Trees

I went with some of my friends to “Festival of Trees” today. It really got me in the holiday spirit. The tree behind us was covered in “jewels”.


I liked this one made of old game pieces.


They even had a marvel super hero tree.


Mom said I would understand this later in life. It was a “martini glass”.



This got best in show! It was two trees dressed like Mr and Mrs. Claus!