Busch Gardens

Now that public school is back in session we are able to go do things without all the crowds. Mommy too Emmerson and I to Busch Gardens today. We rode a ton of rides with no waiting.


I love the kangaroos and the birds.


We even got to try to drive the little boats. It was so hard!


The rain canceled my favorite show so we went to see some Elmo show. It was silly but I still enjoyed it.



I am almost too tall for the kiddie rides.


They put in a huge new water play area! We stayed here for an hour until it began to rain harder.


Soaking wet from the rain! We visited all the animals and then called it a day before the next band of storms came in.


I zonked out in the car before we even got out of the parking lot! Long day!


A Fun Weekend

We have been watching the construction on the new Dick’s Sporting Goods all summer. It finally opened and we went to see the new store. We drove away because it was so crowded. After we left I insisted I wanted to go back and see the big fish tank. Mommy and Daddy thought I was crazy! We ran a few errands and then returned to the store so see this massive bass fishing trailer completely stocked with fish!



Very cool!!!


We stayed and watched a show about fishing and got free floating key chains and a beach ball!

The next day we tackled the sweet potatoes. It took all day with the entire family working. We got all the sweet potatoes harvested as well as all the carrots.


What a difference!



Everyone was exhausted. Mommy snuggles Thunder at night. Thunder will ONLY sleep with Mommy. He even tucks under most nights! Strange cat!


Threshers Game

While Daddy was away on a woke trip, Mommy took us to a Threshers game. We got their early and met the mascot, visited the team store and scoped out our seats.


Then this HUGE storm rolled in! HUGE!


We watched the employees scramble to get the field covered before the rain came. They barely made it.


It rain for an hour and we sat in some comfy seats and snacked on peanuts, popcorn and soda pop!


Finally the game started (nearly 9pm!!). We had awesome seats right behind home plate. There was next to nobody in the stands due to the rain delay and it being a school night.


We managed to stay for the entire game (ended after 11pm!!!). Mommy told us to go to the dugout and say HI to the players. They gave us each a ball! HOW COOL!