Threshers Game

While Daddy was away on a woke trip, Mommy took us to a Threshers game. We got their early and met the mascot, visited the team store and scoped out our seats.


Then this HUGE storm rolled in! HUGE!


We watched the employees scramble to get the field covered before the rain came. They barely made it.


It rain for an hour and we sat in some comfy seats and snacked on peanuts, popcorn and soda pop!


Finally the game started (nearly 9pm!!). We had awesome seats right behind home plate. There was next to nobody in the stands due to the rain delay and it being a school night.


We managed to stay for the entire game (ended after 11pm!!!). Mommy told us to go to the dugout and say HI to the players. They gave us each a ball! HOW COOL!


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