Hose Down!

This morning we went to East Lake Library for the annual “Fire Truck Hose Down”. There were about 100 kids running around but the truck was running late. It was almost 30 minutes late to an hour long event! By the time the truck arrived a lot of the parents had packed up and left. There were only about 15 kids left. My buddy, Aran, and I watched them flush the hydrant and then hook up the hose to spray.


We got to meet the firemen and have a quick talk about fire safety and then running through the hose safety.


We all ran out into the field.


Here comes the water! RUN!


This was so much fun. The man with the hose was very good at his job. He was pretending we were the fire and was chasing us to put us out. He would open the valve more when we raced to the other side far away from him. He could STILL get us wet. Pretty tricky!


Waiting in line to use the hose.


This thing is heavy! I tried to shake it all over but it nearly knocked me to the ground. Good thing the man was holding on to it.


The field got muddy pretty fast and a few of the older kids were sliding in it. YUCKIE!


Me… pretending I am a fireman and squirting the hose at Mommy.


At the end it was time to clean-up. All the kids left!!!! Ummmm… guess that leaves it up to me to clean-up. I raced over and started helping them drain the hose.


I was the only kid that offered to help. Mommy was very proud! 🙂


I stayed until the little hose was all wrapped up and ready to be put away. I got a BIG high five from the fireman.


I thought the fireman was cool but I would still rather be a paleontologist!

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