Boardman Park

We went to the playground this morning to burn of some high energy.

I had a blast running around and playing on all the different things.


I loved riding the bike and crashing into all the other bikes and cars that were not in use.


I made some new friends, one was from Belgium. We rode the tire swing around and around and around for 15 minutes.


I turned green and asked to stop. I insisted that using the regular swing would balance me out. That didn’t work. After just a few minutes Mommy had me lying on the bench trying to relax so I didnt get sick. We left shortly after that because I still was feeling dizzy. When we got home I took a two hour nap and felt much better.

I spend the afternoon and early evening in the yard with the neighbor girls digging worms, chasing squirrels, playing hide and seek and rolling in the grass. We even saw some cardinals defending their nest of eggs from a nasty red squirrel. Sadly, even after Mommy and Grandma Susie’s intervention, the squirrel ate all 6 of the cardinal eggs. BAD SQUIRREL!

My deer soup was empty when I went to check on it. Mommy fessed up that se did it since it was getting stinky.

((**note from Mom: Deer soup was rotting, took out the sticks and paper towels and tossed them in the trash. I dumped out the rest into the yard. A few minutes later i noticed there was a dead chipmunk in the stuff I dumped out. That explained the STINK! We scooped it up and trashed it before Breighton saw it. Bird eggs and a dead chipmunk in the same day may have been too much.))

Swimming Revisited

This morning we went to Chuck E Cheese for a while since it was yuckie and raining out. After lunch the weather cleared up so Mommy and I went to the YMCA and we took the neighbor girl with us. I was SO excited to go in the kiddie splash area. My friend wanted to swim outside in the kids pool and big pool. I played in the outside kiddie pool for a while and then Nomiki convinced me to get a life vest and go to the HUGE DEEP pool. I was so scared. Mommy went in with me at first and showed me what the life vest did for helping me float. I gained confidence REALLY fast and was swimming all over the pool with my fancy life vest. I learned I could float on my back and do Chicken-Airplane-Soldier (I’ll show you if you don’t know what that is) to propel myself on my back. I was kicking and scooping like a champ on my tummy. Water was in my eyes, ears and nose and I didn’t complain much.

Mommy said she was SO proud of me for how hard I worked at it. I was so proud of me too. A few more times with the life vest and maybe I can try it without. You never know!

Finally Asleep

I told Mommy I wanted to have a sleepover with Emmerson tonight. We tried the air mattresses but mine went flat. We were being silly and more silly and Mommy finally took away the mattresses and put us up on the fold out with the bed rail up for Emmerson. It only took me an hour to fall asleep… Emmerson was still up at 9:45…two hours after the first tuck in!


Drop and Crawl?

Mommy bought us a Slip and Slide a long time ago and we got to use it today for the first time. I was afraid to slide. I played in the water pool at the end.


I ran on the slide.


Grandma Susie showed me the box and how it was supposed to be done. I tried, many times… many many times. When I tried to slide


I came to a grinding halt after about 2 feet. Grandma Susie said my tummy needed to be wet to slide further…so I kept laying in the kiddie pool and trying to get more water to stick to my tummy.


Then I would crawl the rest of the way. I eventually made it about 4 feet but I scratched my tummy and was done with that. I had a blast playing for over 2 hours.


I had a fun time in the kiddie pool doing cannonballs and making mud soup. Ms. Ruth came over and I entertained her for a while with my silliness.