Swimming Revisited

This morning we went to Chuck E Cheese for a while since it was yuckie and raining out. After lunch the weather cleared up so Mommy and I went to the YMCA and we took the neighbor girl with us. I was SO excited to go in the kiddie splash area. My friend wanted to swim outside in the kids pool and big pool. I played in the outside kiddie pool for a while and then Nomiki convinced me to get a life vest and go to the HUGE DEEP pool. I was so scared. Mommy went in with me at first and showed me what the life vest did for helping me float. I gained confidence REALLY fast and was swimming all over the pool with my fancy life vest. I learned I could float on my back and do Chicken-Airplane-Soldier (I’ll show you if you don’t know what that is) to propel myself on my back. I was kicking and scooping like a champ on my tummy. Water was in my eyes, ears and nose and I didn’t complain much.

Mommy said she was SO proud of me for how hard I worked at it. I was so proud of me too. A few more times with the life vest and maybe I can try it without. You never know!

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