Rockets With Aran

In my homeschool science class we built rockets. I missed the launch date because we were camping. Daddy helped us launch them when we got back from Disney. My friend Aran met us at the playground/park for the launch.

We took turns doing the countdown and pressing the launch button.


Here we go!


This is the rocket I built in my class. It went super high!


Aran launched this one.


Daddy showing Aran how to run the launcher.




We were the chase team.


This rocket had seen better days. It was packed too tight and didn’t deploy correctly. It came straight down across Enterprise Road into a parking lot, nose first! Of course it shattered into a lot of pieces. WOOPS!


Camping at Fort Wilderness

My friend Dara and her family along with our family went over to Disney for some camping this week. We had two tents. Daddy and I shared one and Emmerson and Mommy shared the other.


I had fun playing with Dara and also making LOTS of new homeschool friends. There were 4 other families that we met that were from Florida and homeschooling.


I sat and relaxed, a little. I prefered to be running around in the muck and dirt or fishing or chasing bugs or just being silly.


Relaxing after about 3 ears of corn and a nice hunk of tenderloin.


Off to the campfire to see the sing along and roast marshmallows.


Dara and I watched intently. Can you tell we are EXHAUSTED!



Chilling out. We look WAY older than 4 year old (okay, it was Dara’s 5th birthday that day… so she was technically 5).


We fed ducks at the Polynesian Resort.


I rode the ponies at the campgrounds.


I really like riding horses.


We rented a pole and fished behind our campsite. We caught a bunch of logs and twigs and sea grass. I hooked a HUGE catfish but it broke the line and got away. And “That was the end of the fishing”. We cooled off after the long hot day in the splash area at the main pool. I even went down the SUPER BIG slide a few times. I made Mommy catch me at the bottom. Then we went back to the little pool for some more playing.


It got cold and we called it a night.


I had such a wonderful time at the campground. I can’t wait to go back and I can’t wait to build the new friendships that I made while camping.

Touch A Truck Dunedin

Today was Touch-A-Truck in Dunedin. I didn’t like the loud trucks so we stuck to the quiet side of the event.

I liked the rocket car! 🙂


I got to go play in the fire truck. I tried to sneak the firefighters cupcake that I found in a plastic container! 🙂 He caught me! haha


I even tried on the hat and jacket but Mommy didn’t have enough hands to take a picture of it.


Emmerson and I liked the little Sunstar truck. I made his eye wink!


We didn’t last long at the touch-a-truck. We loaded the car and went to the sprayground for a while. I had more fun there where it was not SO loud! 🙂

Grandma Susie Visit

Grandma Susie was here in Florida when we got home from Asheville. I had a nice time with her this week. We went to the beach one day and she helped me build a huge puddle of water on the beach. I collected lots of rocks and shells. We had a lovely time and I am really glad we got to visit here at home. Grandma also got to come to gymnastics and the playground. She hung out and read me stories and played games. It was really nice to have her back, even if it was just a week.

Thanks for visiting!!! I will see you this summer sometime.

Beach with Zachary

One of my best friends recently moved to the beach. We went over to visit and got to play on the beach all day.

There was a HUGE pile of sand, we called it the volcano!


We dug a bit more and made room for ourselves inside of it.


Emmerson was NOT allowed in!


I was actually excited despite the silly looks!


Zachary and me laying in the huge hole.


We had a lovely day. Once we finished at the beach we played in the pool for a little while and even found a fiddler crab in the pool! Mommy rescued it and sent it back to the beach.