Science Class at the park

Today my homeschool science class met at Marshall Street Park in Safety Harbor for a nature hike. We got their a bit early and had fun exploring the playground and burning off some energy.


I am really loving my new climbing skills. Each day I get more and more brave.


This is a neat park to play at and it also has a LOT of nature.


When my classmates got there we headed into the woods. They are making a new trail and it is still under construction. The bridge has not been put in and the path has only been rough cut. You have to cross the river to get to the path. It was very steep but I listened to the directions and was able to make it across without an issue. One girl skinned her knee because she jumped instead of walking carefully. We had a neat time jumping over some logs, swinging on some vines and finding all sorts of nature.

I was fascinated by these mushrooms? Maybe it is a fungus. Mommy will have to look this one up for me.


Mommy could identify a lot of the plants on our hike. I knew I wasn’t supposed to touch this. A beautiful example of poison ivy.


We learned about invasive species on our hike. We found Brazilian pepper, air potatoes, kudzu, asparagus fern and cat’s claw. We are thinking about setting up a day in the woods soon to collect trash and air potatoes! Not poison ivy!

What a fun day in the woods. I really had a lot of fun with the older kids and learned a lot about plants.


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