Golden Rainbow Ranch Part Deux

A few of my friends met up with us today at the Golden Rainbow Ranch for a fun and long day!

This is my “girlfriend” and future wife, Dara.


I groomed the miniature horses.


So did Dara.


I love the doggie named Gigi. She is really mellow.


I held her still so Emmerson could pet her too!


Cousin Anna came along with us as well. I had fun showing her around the ranch.


They had several baby goats that were just a week old!


I taught the goats to dig in the dirt.


At the end of my day I got to milk a goat!! I DID IT!


Anna tried too and got squirted!


I pet the mama goat and told her thanks for being so still so I could milk her.


Growing Crystals

For Christmas Grandma Susie gave me a cool crystal making kit. The instructions are VERY long so I needed some help from Daddy to make them. Today I took a nap so I was allowed to stay up late after Emmerson went to bed. All I wanted to do was start my crystals.

I was a big goofy while I was waiting for Daddy to boil some water.


We mixed some crystal powder in boiling water until it dissolved and then poured it into a plastic container over a rock to help it grow.


The directions called for a rock the size of the container but not more than 3/4 of an inch high! We don’t have rocks like that in Florida. Thank goodness Mommy remember that we had a bucket of rocks from Lake Erie from last summer! She found the perfect rock for me to use.


We had to wait for the water to cool down before we added that last part of the mixture.


I hope my crystals grow quickly. I am super excited to see how big they grow… the box makes them look HUGE!


While I waited for the water to cool down I got to watch Twister on Blu-ray. I LOVE Twister and kept telling Mommy each part before it happened. We watched up until the flying cow and then I was tuckered and ready fro bed. What a fun day I had! 🙂

Science Class at the park

Today my homeschool science class met at Marshall Street Park in Safety Harbor for a nature hike. We got their a bit early and had fun exploring the playground and burning off some energy.


I am really loving my new climbing skills. Each day I get more and more brave.


This is a neat park to play at and it also has a LOT of nature.


When my classmates got there we headed into the woods. They are making a new trail and it is still under construction. The bridge has not been put in and the path has only been rough cut. You have to cross the river to get to the path. It was very steep but I listened to the directions and was able to make it across without an issue. One girl skinned her knee because she jumped instead of walking carefully. We had a neat time jumping over some logs, swinging on some vines and finding all sorts of nature.

I was fascinated by these mushrooms? Maybe it is a fungus. Mommy will have to look this one up for me.


Mommy could identify a lot of the plants on our hike. I knew I wasn’t supposed to touch this. A beautiful example of poison ivy.


We learned about invasive species on our hike. We found Brazilian pepper, air potatoes, kudzu, asparagus fern and cat’s claw. We are thinking about setting up a day in the woods soon to collect trash and air potatoes! Not poison ivy!

What a fun day in the woods. I really had a lot of fun with the older kids and learned a lot about plants.


Future Architect?

During quiet time I wanted to play with some empty cereal boxes. I built a few towers and then decided I needed to build a wall. I laid a foundation with cereal boxes and then dug all the mac and cheese boxes from the storage closet and made a two tier wall. I was very proud of my creation. Maybe I should teach the army corps of engineers how to build?