Growing Butterflies! FINALLY!

Grandma Susie bought me this awesome butterfly kit for Christmas but we haven’t had the time to commit to the growth cycle until now. We ordered the caterpillars a few weeks back and then had been living in two 8oz cups on my bookshelf (away from the cats and Emmerson). Finally after eating and growing to several times their size when we got them… they climbed to the top of the cut and hung outside down and then turned into chrysalises. Mommy and Daddy helped me pin the paper discs to the mesh habitat. then we hung it in the living room out of reach of the cats and Emmerson!


There are 10 total!


One group of the caterpillars!


The other group.


I check them every day. Mommy said it will be a week or more until they become butterflies! I am so excited!!!

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