Dissection? Sure, why not!

I have really been bugging Daddy to teach me about the inside of animals. We have read a lot of books and now we are moving to the next level. I have been waiting patiently for over a week (okay not VERY patiently) for the kit to arrive in the mail.

It came today!!!


I had to get all my science gear on. Goggles and my lab coat from my party were my required safety gear.

Checking out the worm in the jar.


So excited to dissect!


Daddy helped put all the pins in and do the incisions. I used a flashlight, tape measure, magnifying glass and tweezers to check out the inside of the worm.


Daddy taught me all about the internal organs.


One cut daddy made burst the digestive tract. Little worm dirt poop came out. EWWW!


I liked learning that most of the worm is for its digestive system. Really only the top part up to the band was the main organs.


What a fun thing to do with Daddy.


That was one LONG earthworm. MUCH bigger than the ones I was catching in Ohio.


I am ready to move on to some of the other specimens that came in the kit (crayfish, cricket and a FROG!!!!)


For those interested – like other homeschoolers – we recommend Carolina Biological Supply. We got their Young Scientist Animal Dissection Kit which included some tools and four animals to dissect – a worm; a crayfish; a grasshopper; and a frog. We also bought their dissection pad (#629004) since we figured we would use it over the years. It’s actually really nice – much nicer than the old black wax. And Dad decided to get a set of instruments to use for rest of my education – #621136. Anyway, Dad was very pleased to deal with them!

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