Miss Stacie picked up Mommy, Emmerson and me at 9am and we headed to Ikea in Tampa. Well, we got there at 9:45 and apparently they don;t open until 11 on the weekdays. So what are we to do with 4 kids and two adults in an empty parking lot.

Sideway chalk of course!


Woops, maybe next time we check the hours first!


We drew all over!


The babies kept stealing and throwing the chalk and breaking it!


Madi drew a neat boat.


Emmerson and MJV shared very well. Then everyone was done with chalk.


Time for a BALL!


We played outside until 10:30 and then went and hung out inside. Madi and I went to the kids play area at 11am for an hour while Mommy and Miss Stacie took the babies shopping. Apparently Emmerson and Michael took turns being grumpy. Nothing much was accomplished but it was still fun! Madi and I were excellent and enjoyed sitting in the way back seat together and watching a few Leap Frog movies.

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