St Augustine

We went to St Augustine to meet up with one of Daddy’s friends from high school. We had an awesome time. I went on a ghost tour, played at the beach and visited the Alligator Farm. We did a LOT of fun things in just a few days and I am amazing time. I think the highlight of my trip was watching all the animals at the alligator farm.

These tortoises chased each other around for a few minutes until one got cornered.

Then they tried to play leap frog!!!! COOL!


This crazy looking bird also thought I was pretty fun to look at. It chased me down to the window and then just kept looking at me! It was starting to scare me!


That and walking around the HUGE fort! I didn’t like the heat but I enjoyed seeing all the old cannons.

I thought it was fun to build a sand castle and then watch the tide take it away. I even got to jump in the waves… lots of fun… until I got swept under (Mommy had my hand and pulled me right up!). Atlantic currents are WAY stronger than what we have in the Gulf of Mexico! 🙂

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