Out of the mouths of babes.

Breighton:”Mommy those darn squirrels keep eating the birdfood!”
Mommy: “WHAT kind of squirrels?” (pretty convinced he said BROWN squirrels but not 100% sure)
Breighton: “The DARN ones…”
Mommy: “What are darn squirrels?”
Breighton: “Oh those are the kind they only have in Ohio!”

**I am sure Mommy, Grandma and Great Grandma call them “darn squirrels” all the time! 🙂

Later the same morning:

Breighton: “Grandma Emmerson just call me a bad name!”
Grandma Susie: “Emmerson doesn’t speak, how could he call you a name?”
Breighton: “He did he called me a BUTT HEAD! Listen…”
Emmerson: “baa baaa baaa ball”
Breighton: “SEE!!! He called me a BUTTHEAD like Daddy does!!!”

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