Ohio June 2009 :)

We arrived safely in Ohio after two days in the car. I was so excited to go look for MIss Sue things!


My first find was s daddy-long-legs.


Grandma Susie showed me that if I sprayed water on the bushes the daddy-long-legs would all crawl out. HOW COOL!


I took plenty of time to enjoy the soft Ohio grass. Look how pretty. We just don’t have grass this nice.


I was up at 6:00 the next day and outside by 6:30 playing in the grass. Trying to absorb the softness.


Everyone else woke up a bit later and joined me on the porch for some enjoying of the cooler weather.


I caught a few more daddy-long-legs and pillbugs. Do you like my fashion statement? Underoos, rain boots and gloves! 🙂


I spent a large portion of the morning trying to trap a chipmunk. I shoved sticks down all of their holes and tried to use my little cage to capture them.


After no luck with that, I moved on to trying to trap deer. How do you trap deer you ask?? well, you make them “deer soup” of course!


A few crab apples, some water, grass, a leaf of two, a few sticks and whatever else you want to throw in and then mash it all together with a HUGE stick.


And you have DEER SOUP! I left it outside that night and it was tipped over and gone the next day, but no deer! 🙁 BUMMER!


After a hard day of play in the yard.


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