Four Year Doctor Visit

Today I had my four year doctor checkup. I did GREAT! I passed my hearing and vision test with flying colors. I was a bit apprehensive during the hearing test but once Mommy and the nurse explained it I was totally fine with everything.

Because of my propensity to mouth things still Mommy and Daddy wanted to have a lead test done. It is simple finger prick and two drops of blood. Well, they knew me too well and had a huge story to go with the test. First they cleaned my finger paintbrush with alcohol wipes to make sure it was ready to paint. Next they took a “magic paint maker” and pressed it on the end of my index finger tip (puncture needle). A bit of red paint appeared…really cool! The nurse said if she gently squeezes my finger more paint will appear… it DID! WOW! I painted two eyeballs on a little card (fill the circle with blood to test) and that was that. They put a funny round bandaide on my finger to soak up the rest of the leaking paint. How silly!

I was 90% for weight at 45lbs and 90% for height at 42.5 (really 43) inches! I AM a big boy! The doctor said I have anxiety. Probably hereditary but growing up with smart-allic parents doesn’t help the situation.

The final thing was S-H-O-T-S! I have to get 4 before I turn 6 and the doctor recommended all of them at once because she knows how strong I am and my memory is at sharp as a tack. I sat on Mommy’s lap and hugged her while two nurses, one on each side of me, said 3-2-1 SCREAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAM! Then a few seconds later 3-2-1 SCREAMMMMMMMMMMMMMM! What the??? OUCH! Mommy had me laughing within 30 seconds and that was that. All done with shots until I am 12!!!

After the shots were done and I was set to do the doctor said to me “Next time you need shots you may have hair on your face!” OHHH NOOOOO! I lasted until Mommy buckled me into the carseat. Then “I DON’T WANT TO GROW WHISKERS ON MY FACE!!!!!!” Tears burst from my eyes… oh the drama! 🙂

I am happy to be FOUR!

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