Suncoast Primate Sanctuary With My Pal Jacob

After school today I met Jacob and his Mommy at the SPS. They rescue animals, mainly primates, from all over the world and bring them here to HOT HOT HOT Florida to live out their lives in peace. Many of the animals have no teeth as people removed them so the animals didn’t bite people in their former careers in the circus or as not-so-loved pets.

I liked looking at all the snakes and alligators before Jacob arrived.


Then we went to see the monkeys.


This is the new orangutan. He was so nice. He likes to eat cinnamon rolls! haha


This silly monkey was laying upside down!


I’m a monkey! This is ME in the monkey picture!


And Jacob.


We had a grand time and even got to feed the monkeys peanuts and cheerios! How funny is that!?


This guy really liked the peanuts. He cracked them open with his hands and then nibbled the nuts and threw the shells at his cage-mate!


They had rescued turtles too!


Trying to get Miss Diane to eat a peanut!


The lady even brought out a baby lemur. I think he was about 6-8 weeks old. Really cute. They wrapped him in the stuffed monkey so hawks don’t think he is a source of food!


I got to hold him!


Jacob did too!


Then we saw the baby alligator. They taped his mouth shut (clear tape!) so we could pet him.


I was VERY brave.


I give Mommy props though. She HELD the alligator! Right after it peed all over the man in the yellow shirt! Too bad the picture didn’t come out. The camera messed up!

What a fun day!

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