Christmas 2009

Santa came last night and brought a TON of things for Emmerson and me!


I got a new bike and LOTS of stuffed animals (like I needed more!!!).


Santa brought me a Lego dinosaur and even put it together!


I think the highlight of my day was the Littlest Pet Shop toy! It took Daddy an hour to unwrap all the animals. I love love love it!


I almost forgot that I spent the last 3 months asking Santa to bring me “My Little Pony”. And did he ever! I got all sorts of ponies and accessories. Even princess accessories! SO FUN!


Most of my gifts were Legos Legos and more Legos!!!


And MORE Legos! 🙂


What an awesome Christmas this year. I was so happy that Grandma Susie was able to make if down for Emmerson’s first Christmas. Too bad Great Grandma Barbara got sick and had to spend the day at the doctor! 🙁

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