Hanukah at TAS and Shabbat Leader

Grandma Susie got in town yesterday with Great Grandma Barbara from Ohio. They were able to come visit me at school and enjoy some our little school family.

I was Shabbat leader so it was even more special for me.


I was slightly goofy! But then again, I was showing off! What I do best! 🙂


I really wanted to hold that microphone!


Oddly, I was the only kid that listened and sat down on the steps.


Afterwards we played the dreidel game for M&Ms I think my classmates and I ate more then we played! 🙂 Great Grandma had never seen a dreidel so I gave her one of the ones I got at school today!

((In picture Zachary, Julia, Dylan, Rebecca, Kayla and Breighton))


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