City of Dunedin Halloween Carnival

Last weekend we went to the City of Dunedin’s Halloween Carnival. I had a fun time looking at all the kids dressed up. I didn’t want to play any of the games but i DID want to ride the horse/pony! Go figure!

Come on MOM…this way!!!


Happiness is on a horse…


Giddy up!


Such concentration!


This is FUN!


Then we hit the play-ground for a while until it was costume contest time.

Being cute as usual!


Sure I will come down, when I feel like it!


Time for the contest. I didn’t win. Kind of sad! The little boy two over from me dressed in a STORE BOUGHT Jack Sparrow costume won. Mommy and Daddy felt it was a joke. It was judged by two old ladies who obviously had no clue. My dragon should have won ONE of the three prizes. Oh well, I got candy for participating, so I was happy.


I had also entered a contest at the book store and came in second place. The winner of that was a STORE BOUGHT Jedi! Whatever! 🙂 I LOVE MY COSTUME!

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