Ice Skating Class and an AWESOME Day!

Today I started my Parent/Tot ice skating class. I was very nervous but Mommy knows just how to work me over and was able to get me out on the ice with Daddy.

They had us do a few “how to fall” drills. I learned to march in place.


Eventually I got up the nerve to actually MOVE.


I een let go of Daddy’s hand a few times, then cried really loud!




After my lessons I met a boy (who is only two weeks younger than me). Mommy encouraged us to go back out on the ice. We had a blast chasing hockey pucks and skating holding onto each other and our Dads. I think I will like the ice skating as long as my new friend, Austin, is there with me!

We went to dinner, where I sat perfectly in a big boy chair and nibbled on soft pretzels and sliced black olives.

Afterwards we went to the mall to look for gloves because my little fingers were frozen! That ice is COLD! I did super at the mall. I even helped a few kids at the play area. Mommy was afraid I would push or hit someone and we would have to leave. NOT ONCE A little girl was upset and I went and got her Tigger doll for her to hug. Mom and Dad were SO impressed with my new social skills. Being around kids a bit more with structure is really making me blossom.

We all had an AWESOME day! I can’t wait to get back to ice skating!

Oh yeah, tomorrow at school I get to the the “Shabbat Leader”.

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