Yesterday Daddy took me to the movies to see Wall-E. I enjoyed the movie and the popcorn and snacks. I even had told Daddy half way through the movie that I had to go potty and made it without an accident! 🙂 Daddy is liking that he doesn’t have to change a diaper when we go out now! 🙂 (Not that he would have changed me anyway!!!)


Mommy stayed home and cleaned the house while Emmerson took a super long nap. We had a really nice day with little fussing and whining. Now I am in perma-timeout in my room because I am being too whiney today! Maybe it was waking up twice last night screaming “DADDY TOOK MY CHOCOLATE MILK!!! GIVE IT BACK!!!!”

We are getting ready fro Tropical Storm/potential Hurricane Fay. Daddy is bus ensuring out gas supply is adequate for the generator if we need it.

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