Active and Curious…

So, I’m normal (at least within a normal range!) My evaluation went well today (despite starting late). The results: Mommy and Daddy are doing all the right things and attending camp & school at Temple Ahavat Shalom should help me. I’m “active” (note: not hyperactive) and “curious”. Both of which “are good things”.

Mommy and Daddy were told to just keep up what they are doing and if there are problems at school to call Dr. Pavan and she’ll send out a form for the teacher to fill out and a form for Mommy and Daddy to fill out to help clarify the problem and find a solution.

As for my issues, the only additional suggestion was that Mommy and Daddy pick 5 things – 3 I do well and 2 they want me to master and create a star-reward chart to master those 2 things while getting lots of “easy” stars for the things I already do well. Mommy and Daddy have tried that before (although in a 1 or 2 well, 3 or 4 needing work). They’ll do it again and we’ll adjust as things move along.

Oh, I tried an experiment at camp-out today. I love the Frannie K. Stein mad scientist books. On the way to school I was talking with Mommy and Daddy about friends and then I growl and raise my hands. I told them that I do it when kids are mean to me. It backfires because then I get in trouble and the other kids don’t like me. They suggested I do an experiment where instead of growling and playing dinosaur when mad I say “No! Not nice!”. Since it sounds like the type of thing Frannie K. would try, I went along with it.

After school I told Mommy and Daddy I tried the experiment and it went well. I made new friends today and the other kids weren’t (as) mad at me. Maybe I’ll give this “use my words” thing a whirl on a more regular basis versus resorting to dino. I love playing dino though…. Oh well…. All things must change!

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