Playing In Great Granny’s Yard

I can’t even begin to tell you about all the fun I had playing with my new friends at Granny’s house. We played in the swimming pool, rolled in the the grass, played with play-doh, played hide and seek and so much more. Every morning I would eat breakfast and get dressed and go out to the porch and scream “Is there anyone who wants to play with me, if you can hear me come towards my voice!!!”. Eventually people would show up and I played all day and into the night. I LOVED catching BUGS. I caught lightning bugs, inch worms, daddy long legs, ants and many other things.



Laying on Cousin Zac’s beachball.


Each day when we ate I would watch the birds in the bird feeder.


I really liked the hummingbirds!!

There were a lot of pretty flowers of which I made Mommy take pictures.



One day I helped trim some bushes. Take that RHUBARB!

take that.jpg

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