Updates Coming Soon

Sorry for the delay in updates. Mommy had intended on helping me update the blog today but I did a REALLY silly thing. Mommy was putting baby Emmerson down for a nap and I was playing quietly in the living room. I opted to go explore and try to do some chores so “Daddy could have time to play with me later”. I opted to “help” with the fish tank. I took the “dirt” under the tank and dumped it in the sump so the fish had some dirt in there with them. Well apparently I did the WRONG thing!!! The “dirt” was “Folgers Coffee (ground)” that Daddy uses to absorb some of the odor under the tank. Let’s just say Mommy saved my life by catching me quickly and turning everything off, we THINK before it got in the top part where the fish are located. Daddy (and Mommy) has been working on the fish tank for about 8 hours right now and the end is MAYBE in sight tonight. I lost most of the toys from my room earlier in the day for bad behavior so it was a rocky day all over. He is doing some upgrades and lots of deep cleaning so it wasn’t ALL my fault it is taking so long.



But HEY I am only 3!!

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