The Tooth Book

Dr. Seuss, The Tooth Book, is one of my favorite books. While we were at Barnes and Noble the other day I wanted Daddy to read it to me. But the last page was a BIT different than I am used to?

This is the one from the bookstore:


Here is MY book?


Which would you rather read to your child!?

Yet another strange conversation…

On the way home from dinner we were talking about my inflatable monkey (George).  The conversation went like:

Me: My monkey needs an ambulance.

Mommy: What does an ambulance do?

Me: Takes you to the X-ray place.  The place with all the pictures of the beautiful bones.  (beautiful pronounced: beeeeeeuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuutiful)

Mommy & Daddy: Laughter & Smiles.


Okay, I know I am only 3 but I can be informed and know what I want for my future. Yesterday, while Emmerson & Mommy went to the dermatologist, Daddy took me to “Frida’s Bakery” in Largo. Daddy picked out a few things and then I got to choose a cookie! I had to make a decision between McCain and Obama. There wasn’t even a doubt in my young mind… I wanted the OBAMA cookie!!!

Me and my Obama Cookie




100% of the three year olds in our house agree… OBAMA COOKIES ROCK!


Puppet Show

Today I got to hang out with Sammie. We did all sorts of fun things. We went to the main library and saw a puppet show and then went to Planet Jump for some energy burning. Mommy was SO proud of me because I sat still and listened to all her directions while we were at the library for the puppet show! 🙂 I really enjoyed it and can’t stop talking about it. Here is a photo Sammie’s mommy took of us hanging out.

Sammie likes to hug Emmerson! 🙂