Potty Time…Excelent!

Tonight we were playing in my room and Mommy said it was time for a bath. Normally I run into the bathroom and toss toys in the tub, pull everything I can off the counter, turn on the faucet in the sink and fuss about bath time. Mommy was talking to Daddy and taking her fine time getting to the bathroom. Mommy said to Daddy “awww, did he just climb in the tub?”. Daddy flipped on the light and I was sitting and putting pee-pee in the potty. I undressed and climbed on up and went about my business!

Mommy has been working hard, but not pushing too much, for a while now and I just don’t seem to get it. Sure I have been keeping my pull-ups dry most of the time but if I am distracted there is no hope for potty usage. So this was a HUGE step for me tonight. Daddy and Mommy took me to Toys R Us to get a new animal for my collection (Schleich). When we got home Mommy said it was time for potty again and books. I ran to the potty, took of my pants and diaper(also the first time i have EVER taken off my diaper!!!) and climbed on the potty again! ALL BY MYSELF!! I am SO proud of me! 🙂

My Potty Dance:

“I put pee pee in the potty” *shake your butt* “I put pee pee in the potty” *shake your butt*”Because I am growing up!” *jump up and down*

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